Friday, December 8, 2006

No goat for me, Dad?

In all my life my Dad never sacrificed a goat to our ancestors in my honor. Today I was sitting with several of the young people that are being discipled by Pastor Mark. Two sisters that have been coming to the church here for several years were telling about difficulties at home. Their father tells them that the Bible says that they are supposed to obey him so they should sit down and pay attention while he teaches them how to worship their ancestors. They are concerned for their littler sister who is also saved but is confused between Biblical truths and the things her parents and uncle tell her. Other hard things at home challenge their patience and try their faith. It's hard to hear these things but wonderful to know that God is going to use them all for mighty things in the future.

I think the thing that I have enjoyed the very most here has been the teacher training class that I've been blessed to conduct on Saturdays. These sisters and two others from the class are excited to take over leadership of the Junior church after I leave next week. Others may become Sunday School teachers and I hope all will continue with the Saturday open air meetings. I received a thank you note this week that brought me to tears. I feel so happy and fulfilled to be ministering God's Word. There is no more precious gift than the news of how to be right with God.

L to R: Me, Boniswa, Romeo, Muhtondi, Zenele, Cindy Neilson, Thumeka, and Stacey Neilson.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Wild Animals

I just got back from a couple days at camp with youth from several area churches. And yes there were wild animals there. and yes, monkeys are cute, but in the wild they're actually pretty annoying. (Note that the monkey at left didn't pick the orange he's holding.) Actually, they're entertaining as long as it's not your stuff that they're after. For a short while there was a rumor that anyone who could hit a monkey in the head with a rock would get a free coke. That was quickly corrected as the youth leader didn't want to give away that many cokes. :-D First they came and took away my friend Wisani's apple. Just as quickly as he walked away, a monkey scampered head-first down a pole and right over to within 3 feet of everyone, grabbed the apple and ran away. We all laughed as he yelled at the insidious creature on the roof.
But that wasn't all, just when I was practicing monkey-like skills myself (see photo) they came and grabbed my sunblock (which you NEED here) and ran up on the roof with that as well. After they bit a hole in it and realized that it really didn't taste as good as they'd hoped they left it kindly on the roof for me to fetch. ...the things you learn away from home.

And while we're on the topic of animals...they have the biggest crickets here,

and a lot of other things I've never seen in real life either, like cool multi-colored lizards and baboon. I went to two game reserves. Here are a few of the pictures, there are more on my photos page.

I enjoyed the time at camp. We heard some good preaching from the book of Ephesians, especially one message on 5:14-15 "...awake thou that sleepest...see then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools..." Many of us need to be awakened, again! God has a plan for our lives that we ought to strive to fulfill!