Saturday, November 18, 2006


Hmm, not too many speak Spanish here. Actually, no one does. I found out today more about the names of the children. The names of the children here are so much different than the ones that I’m accustomed to in MN. I’m used to Donta, Dominique, Shavonte, Shanika, Marquesha, and the likes. Uncle Mike (Mike Nielson) said that that’s because of Spanish influence.

I had an encouraging day today. The highlight was definitely a time of teacher training that I led for about 6 youth from the city! It’s such a privilege to work with these ones. One gave the presentation today in her own language when we went into a very poor community to do something similar to our Wed. park ministry.

It was such a joy to hear her speak with confidence as she gave the message to the children and led the singing. Praise God!

Shame that I can’t give you much more of the details now of the many things that have been happening. The weekend is the busiest, just as at Straitgate. Developing the local British accent and tonal inflections and rather like them. Preaching again tomorrow night and doing special music. Feeling great, except for staying up too late last night (this morning really) playing Age of Empires with the Neilsons. :-) Experienced a ‘Braai’ (as in ‘Brian’) as instructed by Jono. It’s the South African bbq with their own meat similar to bratwurst. Tasted good. Pray again that I be filled to overflowing. God is giving me more understanding of the life of a missionary and how important it is that he plant and nurture those who have believed and continue in the local Church. Oh that the lives of some might see lasting change by God’s Word through me. Also do pray for Auntie Wyla, she is in much pain continually and the doctors are not able to find anything that they might do to resolve the pain.
Sooo much more...but that’s all for now.

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